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Mixed Media


Rozhnov was classically trained at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. Currently based in Hong Kong, his works are collected around the world by museums such as the Californian Museum of Fine Art and Yantai Art Museum. Having established himself as a masterful classical painter, he has produced works and provided expert advice for reputable companies and their design projects -- namely Microsoft Tokyo, Adidas, and Delta.

Themes concerning the relationship between nature and man are ever-present throughout his oeuvre. The Metamorphosis, is inspired by evolution and the transformation of human life. Blending together the dissimilar and unconventional mediums of silicone and ink with fluidity and dynamism, he communicates the irreversible infiltration of technology in modern society. Nature is explored in series such as Secret Garden, and man through Fitness, Play, Sport and other series.


他的作品圍繞著自然與人之間關係。 作品「變形記」的靈感來自進化和人類生活的轉變。他將矽膠和墨水等不同且非傳統的媒介與流動性和活力融合在一起,傳達了科技在現代社會中不可逆轉的滲透。 作品「秘密花園」等系列探索大自然的奧妙,而「健身」、「玩耍」、「運動」等系列則探索人類的生活。

Sergei Rozhnov

Selected Installation Works

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