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Mixed Media

Rozhnov was classically trained at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after Ilya Repin. Currently based in Hong Kong, his works are collected around the world by museums such as Aero Kunsthal, Californian Museum of Fine Arts, and Yantai Art Museum. Rozhnov has an established reputation as a masterful classical painter with immense academic knowledge and has been commissioned by esteemed companies such as Microsoft Tokyo, Adidas, and Delta to realise their vision.

The Metamorphosis, is inspired by evolution and the transformation of human life. Blending together the dissimilar and unconventional mediums of silicone and ink with fluidity and dynamism, he communicates the irreversible infiltration of technology in modern society. Themes concerning the relationship between nature and man are ever-present throughout his oeuvre. Nature is explored in series such as Secret Garden, and man through Fitness, Play, Sport and other series.

Sergei Rozhnov
Sergei Rozhnov: Meet the Artists
Sergei Rozhnov: Pro Gallery
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