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Visual Artist

Born in Bangkok and based in Hong Kong, Marcelle Rosfelder-Leu is a mixed media artist whose practice lies between the boundaries of figuration and abstraction with emphasis on the female figure.

After graduating from the School of Oriental and African Studies (London) with an MA in Archaeology, she worked as a specialist in the field of Asian Antiques. Following a career as cultural and art practitioner in Hong Kong, Marcelle began her artistic practice with a deliberate bias toward the unconscious, in an attempt to disconnect from any academic or professional knowledge acquired. Her approach is open-ended and intuitive.

With a strong interest in female gender and identity Marcelle’s work ranges in scope from charcoal drawings, ink and oil paintings, multi-media collages to print-making. Her most recent work focuses on examining the self in relation to displacement and memory and representations of the figure. Her work is situated within the community of diverse female artists who tackle displacement, globalisation, identity, and fragmentation.

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