Our Exhibitions

Current and archived, in order of recency

Art Central 2022

Our debut showing at the Art Central fair will exhibit works from artists Sergei Rozhnov, Seema Mathew, John Gale, and Marcelle Rosfelder-Leu.


Evolution (2021)

Sergei Rozhnov’s newest collection, The Metamorphosis, is inspired by evolution and transformation of human life.
Blending the two unconventional mediums, silicone and ink, in a fluid and lively manner, Rozhnov communicates the irreversible integration of technology in modern society.
"Evolution" encompasses the artist's own artistic development reflecting on explorations and experimentations done over the course of his art journey.

Evolution Exhibition Opening Invitation.png

The Thinkers

John Gale's work, inspired by that of Auguste Rodin, explores the human form and themes of contemplation and the perception of thought.

The Thinker (Female) Edition 3 -4.jpg

Artist in residence (2021)

Christopher Miles' most recent collection of artworks, titled "Symphony", explores abstraction through the Hong Kong dichotomy of Nature and manmade.