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Laurence Wood’s evolution as a painter started in the late 1970's and early 80's in the UK. His works are essentially poetic combining layers of thought-provoking imagery, shape, colour and expressive gesture. Earlier works are rooted within urban or industrial 'edgeland' and rural landscapes. More recently they are infused with colour, pattern and broader "psycho-geographical" imagery from his surroundings and reflections upon them. However, as he says, "Whatever initiated them does not always guide their development entirely. Once a work is underway all manner of visual, emotional, intellectual, physical and psychological elements make a contribution. Some work is created spontaneously and rapidly whilst others slowly develop, 'stretched' over time, accumulating layers of thoughts, observations, reflections and adjustments." The works on the website are grouped according to the key places where Wood has had a studio or produced work.

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