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Sculpture, drawing


John Gale is a British artist who focuses on drawing and sculpture in the tradition of working from life models and casting his sculptures in bronze. His work heavily emphasises human figure, movement, and contemplation, drawing inspiration from philosophy, mythology and most notably, Rodin's works including 'The Thinker' and 'The Fallen Caryatid'. John explores ideas around deep thought, and expresses a modernist viewpoint on 19th century concepts. Both complex in concept and creation, his work demonstrates the transformation of his thoughts.

John Gale是一位英國藝術家,專注於繪畫和雕塑,秉承以真人模型為基礎進行創作並用青銅鑄造雕塑的傳統。他的作品強調人物、動作和沉思,從哲學、神話中汲取靈感,如羅丹的作品《思想者》和《墮落的女像柱》。John探索關於深層思想的意義和詮釋,重新審視19世紀的藝術理念,並以現代主義視角表達其觀點。他的作品展現了藝術語言的轉變,以及錯綜複雜的觀念和表達方式。

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