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Spending time with culture

Established in 2019, Art Roof Top is a hidden Hong Kong gem, exhibiting articulate and unique works of art. Each year, the gallery hosts a various exhibitions, programs, and events that help bring art to the forefront of the general public.



13 June - 15 August 2024

A 3 month exhibition holds art from far and wide. With a range of artists, coming from both Hong Kong and around the globe. We are proud to present the culmination of Art Roof Top's progress and dedication through the art of those surrounding us these past 5 years.

Pieces regarding the exhibition will be sold in a candle auction format, with a one week timeline of 17th till 24th of June. Buyers are offered a range of discounts due to the occasion.

We welcome you to join us enjoy the work of our community.

ac art_edited.png

Art Central

27 - 31 March 2024

The latest edition of Art Central is brought back to the Central Harbourfront. The harbour not only encapsulates Hong Kong's importance in global interconnectivity and cultural exchange, but acts as a symbol of our artists embedding themselves into their surroundings. Artists from various cultural and career backgrounds join together for our curatorial project "Signs and Codes."

John Gale, Laurence Wood, and Sergei Rozhnov

Happy Valley Artists

25 - 30 January 2024

Organised by local artist Georgina Adams, Art Roof Top Gallery welcomes the Happy Valley community to celebrate their local artists. Works by Georgina Adams, Alan Chan, Romain Nicoloso, and Andrew Pang are included.

"Faith In Humans"

28 Sept - 16 Oct 2023

This collection explores the interplay between our primal instinct for self-protection and an equal desire for connection as human beings.

Through figurative forms and symbols that translate from diverse cultures and influences, the artists invite viewers to ponder the importance of the simplicity of being in a culture so fixated on formulated constructs and advancement.

You will leave inspired to value your being as it is and therefore have faith in humans.

Curator, Founder


Marcelle Rosfelder-Leu, Starling Murmurations, 2022, Screen print, 50 x 35_edited.jpg

“The artist must have something to say, for mastery over form is not his goal but rather the adapting of form to its inner meaning.”

― Wassily Kandinsky



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Mon - Fri • 9 am - 6 pm
Sat • 10am - 2pm

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