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Subtropical Jet Stream

Subtropical Jet Stream


Series: Streams

Diptych, ink and acrylic on rice paper

143 x 75.6 cm (each)


Contact for individual artwork price (Right or Left)


The title of this piece is inspired by the fast flowing, meandering air currents in the atmosphere, which acts as visual metaphor for the stream of consciousness. The artist uses a combination of controlled and intentional acrylic strokes, which interacts with the free flow of ink, visualizing a continuous dynamic flow of images and feelings.


Rosfelder-Leu’s approach to art-making is intuitive, taking inspiration from personal memories and known phenomena across nature. The outcome is a synesthetic interpretation of sounds, emotions and textures, which draw upon elements of the subconscious mind and are shaped through a range of artistic mediums. While her art reflects the world around her, Marcelle’s process is an equally introspective practice, as her art is a space for her to explore, honour, and examine her Asian heritage and the female experience within it.

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